LoFi Beats and a Good Colour Picker

Issue #1

LoFi Beats by ChilledCow

This YouTube stream runs 24/7 and plays a collection of lofi hiphop beats. Perfect for work, study or just chilling. I’ve found this type of music to be perfect for deep work. Apple Music and Spotify offer playlists with similar music, however I don’t like how my “recommended” music turns into lofi tunes after listening through those platforms.


Sip is a little colour picker for the Mac that lives in your menu bar. You can use it to find the colour of anything on your screen. I use it mostly just to bring up a colour wheel while I’m doing CSS work. Sip will also store recent colours and you can save palettes.

M1 Mac

I traded my relatively new 2019 MacBook Pro in for an M1 MacBook Pro. I would usually keep a device for many years, but it felt like this was going to be such an upgrade that it would be worth it. It was. All my dev tools work perfectly. The battery life is ridiculous (I feel like I charge every couple of days now) and not having the fan spin up when watching videos or using dozens of tabs is a joy.

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